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12 x 11 x 6 in

Butterfly attraction by ChatGPT
In the garden where the moonlight weaves, Where shadows dance on whispered leaves, There blooms a tale of hues unseen, Of ombre blue to green, so serene.
In the realm where hearts take flight, A symphony of colors, pure delight, Attraction woven in a silken thread, Where butterflies of love are fed.
Ombre blue, a twilight's kiss, A mystic hue, where dreams persist, In depths of oceans, secrets keep, A love so vast, forever deep.
Then comes the green, a vibrant song, Of life and hope, where we belong, In emerald fields, we find our rest, In nature's arms, we are blessed.
Attraction lingers in the air, A tender touch, beyond compare, Like butterflies with fragile wings, Love takes flight, as the heart sings.
Their dance, a rhythm soft and true, Paints the sky in shades of blue, Then, with grace, they turn to green, A love story, forever unseen.
In this world of shifting tides, Where love and fate coincides, Attraction, like butterflies, takes flight, Guided by the softest light.
Ombre blue to green, they soar, In hearts aflame, forevermore, A symphony of colors, a love untold, In whispers of the night, they unfold