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Flower Petal Tears
Flower Petal Tears
9 x 10 x 7 in

Poem- Flower Petals by ChatGPT
In gardens kissed by the sun's warm embrace, Where flowers bloom with elegance and grace, There's a dance, a secret so sweet, As flower petals fall at nature's feet.
Softly they flutter, like whispers in the breeze, Each petal a story, a moment to seize, From the heart of the bloom, they gently sever, And in their descent, they find forever.
Like confetti in a celebration of spring, They descend with grace, on a silent wing, A cascade of colors, a fragrant parade, In this petal rain, a memory's made.
They fall like tears from a lover's eye, With the gentlest touch, they say goodbye, To the parent bloom, their source of birth, As they journey down to embrace the earth.
Each petal carries a message, a token, Of nature's artistry, beautifully spoken, In their descent, a lesson we're taught, Of the beauty in letting go, as we ought.
So, watch them fall, these petals so light, A fleeting moment in the sun's warm light, In their descent, a reminder to be, Like petals dropping, wild and free.