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Little Butterfly
Little Butterfly
9 x 9 x 3 in

Little butterfly- ChatGPT
Little butterfly with a golden crown, In gardens of beauty, you flutter around. Your wings shimmer with a regal grace, A tiny monarch in this enchanted place.
A crown of sunlight upon your head, In meadows and fields, you're easily led. You dance on petals, so dainty and fair, A jewel of nature, beyond compare.
Your journey, a symbol of transformation, From caterpillar to winged sensation. You teach us the beauty of change and rebirth, As you flutter and soar, a symbol of worth.
In your delicate flight, you bring us delight, A symbol of hope in the soft, warm light. Little butterfly with a crown so bright, You are a treasure in nature's grand sight.
So continue to dance in the golden glow, A symbol of beauty, in flight, you'll go. Little butterfly with a crown so rare, In the garden of life, we find you there.