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The Butterfly and the Bee
The Butterfly and the Bee
4"h x 3"4 x 1.5"d each

The Butterfly and the Bee by ChatGPT
In gardens where emotions bloom, Two souls did chance to meet, A butterfly and honeybee, In a love so soft and sweet.
The butterfly, a dance of grace, With colors like a dream, Fluttered gently through the air, In the golden sun's warm beam.
The honeybee, industrious, Buzzed with purpose, true, Gathering nectar from the flowers, Underneath the sky so blue.
Their paths did cross, by fate's design, Amidst the blossoms' kiss, A bond was formed, so rare and fine, In nature's tranquil bliss.
The butterfly, a free spirit, With love in every hue, And the bee, so loyal and strong, Found a love that was so true.
They shared the secrets of the blooms, In whispers soft and low, Their love grew stronger with each day, Like a river's gentle flow.
Through sunny days and stormy nights, Their love remained so strong, Like a butterfly and honeybee, In nature's sweetest song.
For love is like a garden's bloom, In colors rich and rare, And when two souls together soar, They make a perfect pair.
So let us learn from butterfly, And honeybee so true, That love can thrive in harmony, In me and in you too.