Penney Bidwell Ceramic Sculpture
DancerThe Seer (2)Circus DoggieSeerMadame PenelopeMadame Penelope with Family PhotographsThe ClownCircus DogThe MagicianThe Snake CharmerLittle ButterflyLittle Butterfly (detail)Untitled (Showgirl)Showgirl (Detail)Untitled (Showgirl II)Untitled (Showgirl III)Showgirl III (detail)FlapperShow Girl with the Red HatGirl with the Red Hat IIBlue DreamDetail-Blue Dream
Geeks and Girls- 2012 - 2013
In Geeks and Girls I use the carnival as a collective metaphor for the family and self. The carnival is also a personal narrative for me, as part of my family finds its lineage in the carnival clan. My great grandmother was the tattooed woman in the side show and my mother was a chorus line dancer. As I question and explore my own identity, I look to this history and find images for the eternal struggle between individuation and connection.

The carnival provides us with a cast of characters: the beauties, the born freaks, the self-made geeks, the clowns, the tricksters, and the gypsies. These characters are reminiscent of deeply rooted myths and archetypes that occupy the human psyche. They creep into our consciousness, and their faces, postures and costumes reveal their desire for identity.

Come see this show--- Snake Charmers, Swords Swallowers, and much more--

Sept. 2nd - Sept. 25th 2010 at Abecedarian Gallery, 910 Santa Fe, #101, Denver, CO 80204

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