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  • For Denver artist Penney Bidwell, life is a carnival

  • "Penney’s powerfully expressive, yet diminutive figurative assemblages pack an emotional punch that compels you to spend time with them, to have silent conversations to plumb the emotional depths behind the exquisitely detailed, nuanced faces... Their unapologetically raw emotions speak of yearnings unmet, sorrows grieved, truths faced. Yet wonder and whimsy are not lost..."

    -Sandy Peletier and Keith Bruce, Collectors

    "The manner in which Penney finishes her figurative sculptures, using richly layered glaze pigments, is an effective invitation to explore them further. If you should accept this invitation, I doubt you will be disappointed in discovering the equally layered emotional content inherent in her work."

    - Barry Rose, Professional Artist and Collector

    "Bidwell’s ceramic work delights, amuses,and surprises the onlooker. A ceramicist with an eye for creating curious and meticulous textures, she has the innate ability of transforming clay into characters that speak to us of our own life experiences. Bidwell cultivates an emotional connection through her work with the ability to put her own soul into each sculptural piece enabling the viewer to 'feel' the story being told or creating their own story they believe the artwork is telling. A talented artist, I look forward to collecting more of Penney Bidwell’s delightfully unique sculptures."

    -Kathy Beekman, Professional Artist and Collector

    "Penney's work is inventive, exciting and very different. She shows a lot of passion for her subject matter and is a very good craftsman. A lot of her pieces beg to have you know the story behind them or even better they let your imagination take you to a whimsical place. She is sincere about her desire to grow with new work. I own a few of Penney's pieces and they never lose their uniqueness. I've worked with Penney at Next Gallery and she is always professional in the way she presents her work and how she challenges the viewer."

    -Phyllis Rider, Professional Artist and Collector

    Dear Penney,
    Yesterday I visited the Foothills Art Center and came back later to purchase your sculpture "Doing It All". I am a caregiver and wife for my husband of 32 years who has endured a progressively debilitating disease that long. He is quite disabled now.
    Your sculpture really spoke to me--trying to keep a balance in my life with grace and humor--so I bought it! I'm very much looking forward to bringing it home after the show.
    Good luck to you and keep up the great work!


    Dear Penney,
    We love your work and enjoy the three pieces that we purchased. The faces are very recognizable as to your work and love the expressions. Even though we purchased from three different series, they all go together and we have them in a place that we can enjoy them several times a day. We look forward to seeing more of your work.

    -Rhona and Thomas Wermers, Collectors

    From a review of “Colorado Clay” by Kyle MacMilan, February 2008

    “…it’s exciting to see so many new and unfamiliar names this year, such as Penny (sic) Bidwell of Denver, who took up the medium just two years ago. Such an abundance of fresh talent is a testament to the juried format, which brings a different eye to the selection process...”

    -Kyle MacMilan, Denver Post Fine Arts Critic

    From a review of “Colorado Clay” by Michael Paglia, February 2008

    “Astoundingly, Bidwell has only been working in ceramics for a year or so, but her sculptures, which embrace childlike forms, don’t look as if they were done by a beginner, or even by a folk artist, which, in a sense, I think she is.”

    -Michael Paglia, Westword Art Critic